Program 1 – Food Insecurity

Did you know that one in five Georgians struggle with food insecurity? This program’s services will:

• Provide access to proper nutrition that is critical to a child’s development.
• Address negative health and nutrition implications of food insecurity in seniors.
• Partner with local food bank to provide food for the community.
• Educate participants on food preparation for healthy living.

Program 2 – Non-Emergency Transportation

Our Services Include:

  • Medical/Doctor appointments
  • Physical therapy/Stroke Rehabilitation therapy
  • Dialysis treatments/Radiation therapy
  • Hospital discharges
  • Special Events
  • Airport drop-off/pick-up

    Program 3 – Walk Away Hunger

Our Goals for This Program are:

  • Create advocacy and support for sustainable access to nutritious food for the food insecure.
  • Provide nutritional information to educate people on healthy living.
  • Create funding, promote awareness and involvement to combat hunger in local communities.
  • Provide sponsorship opportunities for local businesses, schools, religious organizations and individuals.

Program 4 – Expanded Outreach

Other programs include & focus on the greater needs of the community & are prioritized within the following programs:

• Community garden programs & grower’s education
• Physical health and Mental health programs
• Transitional living support for emancipated foster youth